GEEK: Christmas easy programming in July

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GEEK: Christmas easy programming in July

Geek notice: in case you’re a very long time reader, you understand that my annual Christmas Lights and song exhibit, the Geek Lights on the nook, has been round basically as long as this column. I participate in somewhat a few online chat rooms where I alternate ideas and daftar poker technical information with informal lights Geeks. the following query was drawn from one of those boards, and paraphrased right here because i believed it could be valuable to others, because it isn’t specific to Christmas lights.

Q: Please aid! I don’t know what took place, however I simply ran xLights and opened a series to work on. My song is long gone to all of my sequences! No count which one I begin. Can a person assist please?

– Jana T.

Indianapolis, Indiana

A: This has happened to me before too, Jana. So chill out, your audio information aren’t long past, they’re just moved. it may possibly come as somewhat of a surprise for those who be trained who moved them.

It’s essential to needless to say here is an issue with home windows, no longer with xLights. What came about is that at some element, while moving your mouse around the reveal, you by accident clicked the left mouse button. via sheer immoral success and excellent timing, the mouse cursor took place to be over the Audio folder in the meanwhile the mouse button went down, and over some other location when it went again up. windows interpreted this not going sequence of movements as a drag-and-drop operation, and moved the whole Audio folder in different places, precisely as in case you had performed a reduce and paste operation on it. It’s very handy to try this devoid of realizing it, and home windows fortunately moves the folder and all of its content without so a good deal as an “Are you bound?” Thanks, bill! Of path, with certainly one of its essential folders moved, xLights throws errors subsequent time it runs, but again, here is not realistically an xLights problem. It may occur to any utility utility if information that it needs in order to run are moved during this manner. It’s now not just purposes that leave out data. unintended relocation can also be cause for similar panic when somebody’s total photo library disappears all of sudden.

that you would be able to repair the error by way of doing a little careful searching around to your hard force, and moving the folder returned where it belongs. because of the way windows displays info and folders, the lacking folder most likely got moved into an extra subfolder that’s found in the identical location where the lacking folder is meant to be, so begin there. If all else fails, that you may search the total difficult force for the folder, however folder names don’t seem to be exciting, so it’s possible you’ll locate multiple folder with the identify you’re trying to find. be sure you have got the appropriate one before you drag it back the place it belongs, lest you compound the problem.

Q: I hold getting emails for lots of stuff on diets, medicines, home insurance, and so on….about 5 a day. I have unsubscribed from them however they preserve coming – anyway to cease them?

– Dennis O.

Destin, Florida

A: you are being plagued by one of the most scourges of the cyber web, Dennis: undeniable, primary, oh-so-traumatic unsolicited mail. the first element I’d advocate is that you simply stop making an attempt to unsubscribe from them. Purveyors of unwanted e-mails aren’t going to honor your removal requests anyway. youngsters, in the process of contacting their server, you’ve got verified that your electronic mail address is valid and energetic, which makes it that a good deal constructive on the darkish a part of the web the place such counsel is bought. one other factor be sure you avoid doing is blacklisting each address that sends you unsolicited mail. Many spammers use a distinct address each time, and some even use the addresses of your chums and family unit, so that you may well be blocking addresses you’d fairly no longer block.

Most email suppliers have junk mail filters developed appropriate into their service. probably the most top-quality I’ve seen is the one on Gmail, which i use as the e-mail service for this column. It’s an attractive infrequent event for me to peer unsolicited mail in my Inbox, whereas on the identical time, very few authentic e-mails ever finish up in the junk mail folder. The e-mail provider that you precise for your contact information – Cox Communications – has a configurable unsolicited mail filter built-in to the service. You’ll find it within the configuration options on your email fable.

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